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Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 06:25:22 -0400
Subject: BHA: Institutionalisation- subjective socialisation

Fellow citizens

Just a month ago a tow kids around 17 yrs of age decide after looking for a kick as they later explains to the law enforcing officers to go and kill somebody - The victim was an old man of 70 yrs clubbed into the head left for a dead only few hour later these children remembering that it could be fun to poke out his eyes which indeed before the were apprehended two or three days later have shown to their friends at school who in fact tipped the police of the real murders.

Remember I grew in Africa but let be straight, besides the excesses of rouges armed forces usually on buzz, this phenomenon is strange to me particularly in the age group. I can remember any case either in town or village.

The news now comes  (see link below) that a Ph.D. microbiologist could produce this germ – fine. What is the question?

What about the laboratory and germ carrier system – that is the question? Because if the letter can link white substance and infect anybody, then one must be sophisticated indeed given the frequency of cases.

Sociologically but also philosophically too, I have found this article quite authoritative particularly on the question of state institutionalisation of citizen knowing or unknowingly in the vector or epidemiology of crime.

Indeed fellow citizens, I was fumbled with the ability of the nations of Islam (example) as social group with social value contrary to state institutions and structure attached to value systems and state customs failure to tackle the debacle of drug abuse and crime on the streets of New York.

Let me hope a biology child one day will not get frustrated to murder a city- the chicken are coming home to roast.





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