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Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 06:50:15 -0400
Subject: BHA: time factor of ENDURANCE


Sorry for clogging your mail box- the subject is a burning issue for my study work.

For every constructed state action without a corresponding social /society suctioning along the three levels;

   a. discursive / communicative
   b. horizontal power
   c. normative /moral

seems to have a corresponding reactive split, which I would like to refer
to here as a sociological time factor of ENDURANCE. Why endurance? I do
believe with an autogenetic sociological time, society will act
differently from nation state sociological time realm, hence different types of social futures emerging. 

Hans pointed out the medical word 'ill'- it is not far fetched in regard to all the urban environment in regard to social as well as environment medicine. Why is it that villages in general are calmer than hyper and well facilitated urban centers?

I do also believe, endurance on a nation state sociological time, manifests as suspended or extended time (static) of transformation, may be if extended beyond social endurance time, and is  followed with, decay, ills, abnormative states of affairs etc. While on society sociological time scale, it seems to me, to cause a combination of a constant stream of  a, b and c hence transformation or constantly expanding sociological time.

Can  a, b, c  be termed as reaction curves, signaling scaling (?) of institutional  as well as structural endurance. 

There are many example I have in this respect however, I will not attempt to prejudice your views.

Now, let us imagine, nation states do not abandon policies or state of affairs, which on a, b and c, are rejected or rather in normal
circumstances, are in disfavor of the general society good on the four plannar social cube, what happens on both philosophical /sociological time scales? 

If the nation state goes ahead and for example impose such policies, contrary to a and b - then how does the state impose such policies in a democracy for example?

Can we able to trace emerging institutions, social structures etc, in those particural instances?

help please.


n.b. one can read about the four plane social cube  in Plato or DPF.  





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