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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:50:35 -0800
Subject: Re: BHA: ontology, ontic, etc

hi Howard, 

It's just a matter of there being different levels of object-domain. 

"Ontic (2)" is an abstract way of denoting the object-domain of a particular scientific area, field, or inquiry. E.g.: molecules feature in the ontic (2) of chemistry. He's just saying that the scientific undertaking ITSELF is not one of the objects of said, most narrowly construed, immediate object-domain. So chemistry itself is not part of the ontic ( (2) of chemistry.

Or think of it in terms of sets: the set that includes the scientific practice itself, and not just the intransitive objects OF that scientific practice, is "Ontology (2)." 

You'll probably want to argue that this is not so in the case of a properly reflexive social science.


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