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Subject: RE: BHA: ontology, ontic, etc
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 22:12:23 -0000

Ruth wrote:>
> Hi Howard,
> >For example, why does the ontic(2) exclude the processes of scientific
> >enquiry of which the ontic(2) in question is the ontic(2)?  Any help?
> It's just a matter of there being different levels of object-domain.
> "Ontic (2)" is an abstract way of denoting the object-domain of a
> particular scientific area, field, or inquiry.  E.g.: molecules
> feature in the ontic (2) of chemistry.  He's just saying that the
> scientific undertaking ITSELF is not one of the objects of said,
> most narrowly construed, immediate object-domain.  So chemistry
> itself is not part of the ontic ( (2) of chemistry.
> Or think of it in terms of sets:  the set that includes the
> scientific practice itself, and not just the intransitive objects
> OF that scientific practice, is "Ontology (2)."
Where is the dialectics here?  To me, this approach seems to be about
qualifying and hopefully gradually improving and tinkering with Bhaskar's
ontology, overlooking the pressing problem about Bhaskar's epistemology.  To
me, Bhaskar's epistemology (certainly in SRHE and before) is subjective
idealist because it rests on the assumption that the scientific subject can
control the object, whether or not there is sufficient philosophical
reflection on the scientific practice by the subject.  To me, the real
problem is not about establishing the interconnections at the level of
ontology between things more accurately than is done by Bhaskar.  The real
problem is: how can we avail ourselves of Roy's work in order (hopefully
with him) to re-establish a dialectical philosophical subject?  DPF and FEW
are the real sounding boards of Roy's work, but some of us think that even
in these works Roy is ultimately looking for guarantees.  Maybe we need to
resurrect Adorno, who seems to be neglected.


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