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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 17:59:55 -0500
Subject: Re: BHA: Philosophy and the idea of freedom

>From RB's PIF, pp. 112-13.

"I want to distinguish at the outset 'conversational reference' -- c ref -- and 
'practical reference' -- p ref. Conversational referring is a human, quasi-deictic 
act by which, with any means to hand, one person tries to draw the attention 
of another to a being, event, etc. c ref is governed by conventions, such as 
those that underpin the institution of 'naming' and is primarily oriented to 
communicative success, including communicative success in the transitive 
dimension of scientific life. But such an act may be to a being whether it is 
present or not; it may be more or less communicatively successful; and the 
verbal means may be semantically incorrect or attributively false. Practical 
referring is a human, quai-deictic act by means of which one or more person 
achieves a physical relationship or link with some being, event, etc., which 
may have been previously more or less hidden or undetected. p ref is what is 
achieved in the existential discoveries, displays and demonstrations in the 
intransitive dimension of scientific life."

Bhaskar goes on to say that Rorty prefers p ref, and that this is problematic 
for him. 

One reason PIF is not cited as much within the CR community is that it was 
partially retracted in either Dialectic or Plato Etc, unless my memory has 
failed me.

Andrew Hagen

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