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Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 00:10:04 -0800
Subject: Re: BHA: Adorno, Bhaskar, and theories of knowledge

Hi Phil, Howard, all,

I think I'm going to let you guys continue on this one without me.  Phil, I continue to be dumb-founded by your perception of my stance towards Bhaskar.  Meanwhile, I don't mean to sound shrill, and I can't speak for Howard, but I do not think that Adorno was a skeptic.  Nor was Kant.  ("Kantian skeptic," for what it's worth, is an oxymoron, and not just in the obvious way.)  

I genuinely appreciate your frustration with those who dogmatically adhere to the views of Roy Bhaskar, but frankly, it is so absurd to attribute this to me that I can only conclude that for some reason it doesn't actually matter what I say - or, for that matter, have said over many years.  It's a shame, though, because the discussion is an important one.    

Be that as it may, I'll follow the exchange with interest.


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