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Subject: BHA: On Explanatory methodology : time space changes.
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 11:07:24 +0100


Help , how can  EP solve the problem of propositions of reality made
based on FACTS OF REALITY  and those made on RELATIONAL or CONTRASTIVE
matters of reality.


a. A mathematical and chemical analysis might bring out the fact that
fossil fuels are made of compressed carbon containing material like
forest, dead animals etc.

b. Counterfactual contrastive proposition might BE accrued from the 
evolution of matter - which will suggest therefore that there were no
forests or animals or they had not evolved to such an extent to create
all fossil fuel deposits found the earth plates.

How can these two situations be solved in EP methodology i.e. time space
constants and time space probability in continous time?  


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