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Subject: BHA: RE: Moral Theory, Religion and Liberalism
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 14:15:40 +0100


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Subject: BHA: Moral Theory, Religion and Liberalism

An event that had happened 5 days before also received publicity at the
coalition HQ. During a night "cleanup" in one of suburban houses near
An-Nasiriya three marines shot a man and afterwards raped and shot his
wife. The command got information about this accident from one of its
informers. After interrogation the marines were sent to Qatar for
additional investigations.

In increasing frequency commanders find things belonging to Iraqis in
their soldiers' rucksacks. The soldiers are discontent of their
commanders attempting to cease this practice, and call those items "war
salvage". Currently the command is preparing a special order regarding
this issue. 


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