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Subject: BHA: moral world
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 19:40:18 +0100

Listers  - a Lurker form the shadows [any old punks out there?] is confused by DPF. Can anyone help me understnad how the world might be always and already moralised or a-moralised?
 [DPF page 259 “Its [DCR] moral realism contends that morality is an objective real property, but the first present (and universalisable)action-guiding character of moral claims and judgments entails that a distinction has to be made between [a] the real transitive-relational moral property, which connotes a position on a set of intra-subjective, inter-subjective, social and cultural-natural relations; and [b] the intransitive morality of an always already moralised [or a-moralised) world." 

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