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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:37:21 +0100
Subject: BHA: Ontology and Technology Conference

Dear all,

Sorry to use the list for advertising, but I thought you might be 
interested in this - and it would be great if some of you could come.

In Cambridge (UK) we have recently established a 'social ontology 
group', which incorporates the 'realist workshop'  as one of its 
activities but also is planning a series of events (conferences, summer 
schools etc).

The first of these events is the forthcoming Cambridge Conference on 
Ontology and Technolgy. Speakers include Roy Bhaskar, Steve 
Woolgar and Brian Pinkstone. It's very much a cross disciplinary 
event (mostly focusing on Anthopology, Economics, Philosophy and 
Sociology). It will be held in early September (8th-10th) and is highly 
subsidised (conference fee, including all food,  is only 40). But we 
want  to keep numbers relatively small so have to restict numbers. 
Preference will be given to applications received by the end of July.  
Full details on this conference (including more information on 
speakers and  how to apply) on other planned events and on on how to 
join our network (and receieve papers and mailings etc.,) can be found 
at the following  web site:  

All the best

Clive Lawson

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