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Subject: BHA: Re: Ontology and Technology Conference
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 13:09:00 +0100

Hi Clive,
We met briefly at the CRW conference a few years ago, where I talked about
Bourdieu. I'm now more of a Bourdieu than a Bhaskar fan, and I'm about to
submit my PhD (A Bourdiusian ethnography of the balletic body - it looks at
injury and ageing in Royal Ballet dancers!)  I'm interested in 'the body as
social ontology', but not technology as such.  However, I wondered if
something on Foucaults notion of 'technologies of the self' may count as a
sociological contribution?  I think I could relate this to Bourdieus notion
of habitus (dancers, for example, internalise the discipline of their
vocation and so are invariably terribly harsh self critics) and so say
something similar (but different!) to a paper of mine in Medical Humanities
(see:  Indeed, I'm Editor's choice, see
"Reflections on the embodiment of vulnerability") that talks about boxing,
ballet and working class experience.  If this isn't at all suitable then
that's fine, but I'd be delighted to give a paper at the conference along
these sort of lines.
Best wishes

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Subject: BHA: Ontology and Technology Conference

> Dear all,
> Sorry to use the list for advertising, but I thought you might be
> interested in this - and it would be great if some of you could come.
> In Cambridge (UK) we have recently established a 'social ontology
> group', which incorporates the 'realist workshop'  as one of its
> activities but also is planning a series of events (conferences, summer
> schools etc).
> The first of these events is the forthcoming Cambridge Conference on
> Ontology and Technolgy. Speakers include Roy Bhaskar, Steve
> Woolgar and Brian Pinkstone. It's very much a cross disciplinary
> event (mostly focusing on Anthopology, Economics, Philosophy and
> Sociology). It will be held in early September (8th-10th) and is highly
> subsidised (conference fee, including all food,  is only 40). But we
> want  to keep numbers relatively small so have to restict numbers.
> Preference will be given to applications received by the end of July.
> Full details on this conference (including more information on
> speakers and  how to apply) on other planned events and on on how to
> join our network (and receieve papers and mailings etc.,) can be found
> at the following  web site:
> All the best
> Clive Lawson
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