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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 00:46:41 -0400
Subject: BHA: Call for not even papers, but expressions of interest (how's that for preliminary?!)

Hi all,

I'm in the early stages of putting together an anthology on what I'm calling
"realism about causality" (and implications/applications thereof).  My hope is
that the collection will include contributions from CR'ers as well as from more
mainstream philosophy types.  This since part of the goal is to try to bridge
the gap a bit.

I'd like to ask anyone and everyone who even *thinks* that they might be
interested in contributing to such a collection to send me a quick note
off-list.  Tell me what you imagine, off the top of your head, you might, in
some ideal world, wish to say about adopting a realist approach to the concept
of causality.

This won't commit you to anything.  I just want to see what kind of interest
there is amongst local CR'ers.  Don't be shy.


p.s., I haven't forgotten about "Subject and Object."  I just should have known
better than to suggest it right when I'm in the midst of moving and preparing
two papers.  I do PROMISE that I'll do a "Here's what I got from it" post as
soon as I can.


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