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> So now it is official: the government of Israel has
> decided to assassinate Yasser Arafat.

No, it hasn't. Quoting the New York Times:

"The Israeli foreign minister, Silvan Shalom, has already issued a 
clarification, saying that killing Mr. Arafat is not official 

Since the issue is now a subject of debate, I'd like to mention that 
perhaps Mr. Arafat should apologize for the thousands of Jews and 
Palestinian Arabs he has had killed over the years. 

Andrew Hagen

> Not any more to "exile". Not any more to "expel or
> kill". Simply to "remove".
> Of course, the intention is not to remove him to
> another country. Nobody seriously believes that Yasser
> Arafat will raise his hands and allow himself to be
> marched off. He and his men will be killed "during
> the exchange of fire". This would not be the first
> time.
> Even if it was possible to expel Arafat to another
> country, nobody in the Israeli leadership would dream
> of doing so. How come? Allow him to make the rounds of
> Putin, Schroeder and Chirac? God forbid. So the plan
> is to remove him to the next world.
> Not immediately. The Americans forbid it. It may make
> Bush angry. Sharon does not want to annoy Bush.
> Some people comfort themselves with the thought that
> this is just an empty resolution. It is supposed to be
> implemented at a time and in a way yet to be decided.
> But this is wishful thinking, a dangerous comfort. The
> decision legitimizing his assassination is by itself a
> far-reaching political act. It is intended to get the
> Israeli and international public used to the idea.
> What used to sound like a crazy plot by extreme
> fanatics now has the air of a legitimate political
> process, with only the time and mode of implementation
> still open.
> Anyone familiar with Ariel Sharon can see how things
> will develop from now on. He will wait for his
> opportunity. It may come any minute, or after a week,
> a month, a year. He is patient. When he decides to do
> something, he is ready to wait, but he won't deviate
> from his goal.
> So when will the planned assassination be carried out?
> When some big suicide attack will take place in
> Israel, one so big that an extreme reaction will be
> understood by the Americans, too. Or when something
> happens somewhere to divert world attention from our
> country. Or when some dramatic event, something
> comparable to the destruction of the Twin Towers,
> makes Bush furious.
> What will happen afterwards?
> Arab leaders say that there will be "incalculable
> results". But, in truth, the results can be calculated
> fairly well in advance.
> The murder of Arafat will bring about an historic
> change in the relationship between Israel and the
> Palestinian people. Since the 1973 war, both peoples
> have been accepting the idea of a compromise between
> the two great national movements. In the Oslo
> agreement, after a process initiated by Yasser Arafat
> practically alone, the Palestinians gave up 78% of the
> country that was called Palestine before 1948. They
> agreed to set up their state in the remaining 22%.
> Only Arafat had the moral and political standing
> necessary to carry the people with him, much as
> Ben-Gurion was able to convince our people to accept
> the
> partition plan.
> Even in the sharpest crises since then, both peoples
> have remained steadfast in their belief that in the
> end there will be a compromise.
> The assassination of Arafat will put an end to this,
> perhaps forever. We shall return to the stage of "all
> or nothing": Greater Israel or Greater Palestine,
> throwing the Jews into the sea or pushing the
> Palestinians out into the desert.
> The Palestinian Authority will disappear. Israel will
> take over all the Palestinian territories, with all
> the economic and human stress involved. The "de luxe
> occupation", which allowed Israel a free hand in
> the territories, with the world paying the bills, will
> be over.
> Violence will reign supreme. It will be the sole
> language of both peoples. In Jerusalem and Ramallah,
> Haifa and Hebron, Tulkarm and Tel-Aviv, fear will
> stalk the streets. Every mother who sends her
> children to school will be consumed by worry until
> they come back. Terror on this side and on that side,
> an ever widening spiral of violence, automatic and
> incessant escalation.
> The earthquake will not be limited to the land between
> the Mediterranean and the Jordan. The whole Arab world
> will erupt. Arafat the shahid, the martyr, the hero,
> the symbol, will become an all-Arab, all-Muslim
> mythological figure. His name will become a battle-cry
> for all revolutionaries from Indonesia to Morocco, a
> slogan for all religious and nationalist underground
> organizations.
> The earth will tremble under the feet of all the Arab
> regimes. Compared to Arafat, the ultimate hero, all
> the kings, Emirs and presidents will look unmanly,
> traitors and mercenaries. If one of them falls, the
> Domino Effect will go into action.
> Bloodshed will be universal. Every Israeli
> target--every airplane, every group of tourists, every
> Israeli institution, will be in constant danger.
> The Americans have their reasons for vetoing the
> assassination. They know that the killing of Arafat
> will shake their position in the Arab and Muslim world
> to the core. The guerilla war that is becoming ever
> wider in Iraq will spread throughout the Arab and
> other Muslim countries and the world at large. Every
> Arab and Muslim will believe that Sharon acted with
> American consent and encouragement, whatever feeble
> verbal opposition there may have been. The fury will
> be directed against them. A host of new Bin Ladens
> will plot revenge.
> Doesn't Sharon understand all this? Of course he does.
> The political nobodies who constitute the government
> may be unable to see beyond the end of their noses,
> just like blinkered generals, whose only solution
> is to kill and destroy. But Sharon knows what the
> consequences are likely to be--and he relishes them.
> Sharon wants to conclude the historic clash between
> Zionism and the Palestinian people with a clear-cut
> decision: solid Israeli control over the entire
> country and a situation that will compel the
> Palestinians to get out. Yasser Arafat is indeed the
> "total obstacle", as defined in the government
> resolution, to the implementation of this design. And
> a period of anarchy and bloodshed would be good for
> its implementation.
> And the people of Israel? The poor, brainwashed,
> despairing and apathetic people does not intervene.
> The silent, bleeding majority behaves as if all this
> does not concern them and their children. They are
> following Sharon as the children followed the pied
> piper, right into the river.
> This thundering silence is disastrous. In order to
> prevent the disaster, it is our duty to break it.
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