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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 09:51:52 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: BHA: Re: Re: # FWD: Job Opportunity: Agent-Publicist-Fundraiser and Business Manager for Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher Ram Roy Bhaskar

The subject—of spiritual turn, universal love—has generally been reduced to that of taking sides, being ‘for’ or ‘against’ which has compromised understanding. The substantive issue is—what is ‘X’ (the spiritual turn)? It can well be imagined that to commit ‘epistemic fallacy’ comes somewhat naturally to the lay man, when realists themselves can be caught off-guard in their ‘diurnal’ (as distinct from ‘nocturnal’) philosophy!

Irrespective of the intent behind the original mail, there is no gainsaying that the main issue is spiritualism, as also so-called universal love. All this lends credibility to the following:

   There is no privileged access to the mind; there is only an inferential access. There is no Cartesian Theatre with a central processing unit, where all the information is processed. As Marvin Minsky pointed out, there are drafts that are being continually edited in the brain by the millions of units which have little or correlation with each other. In the instant case, the mechanisms of materialism (of yore, of RTS) are no longer available; they have been superseded by the mechanisms of spiritualism. The role of biological substratum is paramount here. The ‘doctrine of incorrigibility’ ensures that whatever one thinks at a given moment is correct.
   A person maybe aware that he is a realist, but why he is a realist, he can never explicate. To do so is oversimplifying social reality. For instance, Kant was an idealist, but did he read every fragment of information available, discount each of them and then arrive at idealism. This is asking for the impossible given the short span of life and the infinity of data. Hence, there is only appearance of reasoning and reflexivity. People reiterate what they ‘believe’ in and reject the rest. 
   It is easy to embellish texts by saying that we can and should learn from history. This is a fictive statement. In reality, there is no learning from history. Firstly, no two historical periods are similar to have the same solutions and, secondly, the data are infinite to pinpoint any specific lessons. It is self-evidently true that all past attempts at so-called peace, universal love have failed and failed miserably. Robert Owen’s ‘New Harmony’, or ‘Oneida Community’ are typical examples. What is not learnt is that certain social objectives can only be the by-product of other activities and cannot be achieved directly by willing.
   Dissemination at irregular intervals cannot alter the biological underpinnings of human nature. Philosophers ignore this at their own peril. Change of human nature is confused with deactivation of mechanisms. And, it is a tenet held by realism that mechanisms act transfactually! One only needs to witness a war between two communities, to see how the beast in the man emerges. Leave aside the fascist states of the Second War. In USA too, the Japanese were systematically caught and segregated during that War. So much for reasoning, thinking, reflexivity in the home of democracy! And, that too not in the medieval period, but right in the middle of twentieth century. The only way it can be explicated is by activation of biological mechanisms which antecede humans.
   Philosophers, as the logical positivists rightly remarked, repeat the same old mistakes, cite the same old summaries. What have they changed in these centuries of philosophizing? We want results and not high sounding, or resounding phrases which are a cipher in explanatory power. We need to look at the right places for the answers – the answers lie in biological reductionism. Galileo was ridiculed, Newton was, so was Darwin. History proved them right. Biological reductionism too shall be proven right. Those who don’t believe it, it is their ‘false consciousness’ in 2003! To employ Bhaskar’s own words from PON: these philosophers’ views are ‘absolutist’, as they want to ‘legislate’ in advance; and, in an imperial fashion, they want science to be the realization of philosophy.

Do we really learn from history? 


Jamie Morgan <> wrote:You maynotlike the language and the thecratic overtones but what is wrong
with love peace and harmony, would you prefer hate war and dischord?

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Subject: BHA: Re: FWD: Job Opportunity: Agent-Publicist-Fundraiser and
Business Manager for Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher Ram Roy Bhaskar

> *gulp*
> Wow, and i thought what we were doing was philosophy of (social) science,
and that that was Bhaskar
> was all about... When in fact, we should apparently be spreading peace,
love and harmony, and heal
> the world through enlightenment. Whew, I'm glad i got the heads up, I only
hope i can see the light
> too. Hail to the great mentor, live long and prosperous,
> Daniel ;-)
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> Subject: BHA: FWD: Job Opportunity: Agent-Publicist-Fundraiser and
Business Manager for Philosopher
> and Spiritual Teacher Ram Roy Bhaskar
> > Possibly someone here on the bhaskar-list would be interested in the
> > job opportunities below, working with Ram Roy Bhaskar.
> >
> > the contact information is at the bottom,
> >
> > all the best,
> >
> > Hans D.
> >
> > Two Job Opportunities: (1) Agent-Publicist-Fundraiser and
> > (2) Business Manager
> > for Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher Ram Roy Bhaskar
> >
> > Ram Roy Bhaskar, founder of the worldwide philosophical movement of
> > critical realism and now Meta-Reality, is an exceptional person seeking
> > fill vital positions to ground his work, especially in America. He is
committed to
> > spreading, peace, love and enlightenment, through his profound
understanding of
> > the philosophy of science and human freedom. His knowledge also broadly
> > includes (but is not limited to) the history of philosophy of both East
> > West, comparative religion and spirituality and the path to
> > self-realization or enlightenment, as well as the main traditions of
> > exoteric and esoteric knowledge. His dynamic speaking and personal
> > qualities are experienced by many as charismatic.
> >
> > We seek someone to act as his agent-publicist-fund-raiser ("agent") who
> > knowledgeable in public relations, media scheduling, book promoting,
> > grant-writing, etc. We are also looking for a skilled business manager
> > is enthusiastic about helping our organization and Ram Roy. The people
> > selected can work with us through telecomputing and phoning, with
> > occasional face-to-face meetings, as schedules, geography and
> > permit.
> >
> > The position of agent-fundraiser-promoter ("agent") as of now has to be
> > totally based on commission, but we are willing in these early stages
> > organization to make the commission a high percentage of the income
> > generated by the person in the position, exact terms to be negotiated.
> > agent would mainly be expected to (a) seek out and schedule Ram Roy for
> > fee- or honoraria-generating presentations, scholarly lectures,
> > or academic workshops, and other related events; and (b) write grant
> > proposals to sustain and spread Ram Roy's work. The agent would also
> > to publicize and promote such income-generating events, help promote
> > Roy's many books and arrange book-signings where he speaks, etc. The
> > business manager position's earnings as an independent consultant will
> > negotiated, depending on the scope and complexity of jobs, time spent,
> > The business manager would handle finances, accounts, track grant
> > track income and expenses and donations, track personnel-related
> > matters, etc.
> >
> > We would also welcome volunteer work--to fill or aid both
> > those people who would like to give meaningful help to Ram Roy and have
> > independent means of support.
> >
> > If you are feeling called to either of these positions, can work
> > independently within our organizational concerns and directions, are
> > enterprising and interested in, even intrigued with, helping to support
> > this work and spread Ram Roy's insightful philosophical and spiritual
> > teachings of unconditional love and peace through self-empowerment and
> > self-realization, we would like you to send us a cover letter and
resume or
> > CV. Please indicate which of the two positions you seek and on what
> > you could help (commission, independent consultant or contractor,
> > volunteer, etc.).
> >
> > These are potentially life-changing positions--possibly leading to new
> > intellectual and spiritual paths. People who successfully work with us,
> > otherwise substantially benefit our work, will become part of our team
> > help shape our future together.
> >
> > Also, if anyone may want to bring Ram Roy to their campus, place of
> > or other spiritual organization, self-improvement or business forum,
> > scientific or technical organization or some other kind of institution
> > arena for him to speak and receive a fee or an honorarium, please also
> > in touch with us. We will try to schedule him to accommodate those who
> > would like to hear him speak at their localities, but Ram Roy must be
> > for these appearances and his expenses must be covered in order for
> > work to continue.
> >
> > Send cover letter (with contact information including email
> > address), resume or CV to:
> >
> > Cheryl Frank
> > General Secretary to Ram Roy Bhaskar
> > 111 Pine Tree Rd., Apt. 2
> > Ithaca, NY 14850
> > 607-256-7499
> >
> >
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