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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 09:43:14 +1100
Subject: Re[2]: BHA: Structures are not things that are true or false, even if Hegelian Marxists say so

Dear Marshall,

on Saturday, 13 December 2003, you wrote:

> But Gunter, I don't understand why you're giving priority to water in the
> mirage example. Couldn't we equally say that water looks like a mirage, and
> therefore that water is false and mirages true? What's the underlying
> criteria for your judgment?

Where do I make such a distinction? My point is that both are equally "true", that is, real. Identifying mirages with the illusion of water is a convention (which, as Jamie pointed out, is reflected - no pun intended - in the semantics of the word "mirage"), presumably because most people see more real water than mirages, or, as someone else pointed out, because water quenches thirst and mirages are pretty useless.


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