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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 18:34:09 +0000
Subject: Re: BHA: Description in social science

Fleetwood, Steve wrote:

>Dear all
>I am trying to think through the idea that the provision of an adequate explanation requires an adequate description. Whilst there is plenty of literature on explanation in social science, there seems to be little on description. Can anyone help me out here?
I'm being a bit behind here ... but I was going through some emails and 
thought you might be interested in a non-philosophical discussion of 
description. Basil Bernstein writes about two languages of description, 
an internal and an external one, when discussing theories and knowledge 
structures. He then relates this to how theories should provide 
principles of description to enable empirical research. There's lots 
more ... he talks about these things specifically in relation to his own 
conceptual framework and empirical research, so it might be an 
interestingly concrete discussion. I'll stop now in case it's not and 
because someone seems to be beating my head in, if this headache is to 
be believed. (Or maybe it's a mirage).

With best wishes,


Karl Maton


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