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Subject: BHA: steve and CR
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 23:40:56 -0000

Steve, you're intercessions into this forum do not seem to be conducive to movement since you haven't responded to any of the key questions or points made by any of the discussants:

1) A realist philoosphy of ontology is not about priveleged access or knowing the real it is in accepting that the premises of argument presuppose a real, inlcuding its constructivist dynamic. 
2) It is accepting the common sense position that we are part of a reality and that reality must make a difference to what we are and how we proceed and what are potentials are. Truth seeking is more than a strategy, as such knowledge is more than idiom or ideology
3) It is about accepting 2 without falling back on naive empiricism, realism or positivism
4) It is the argument that all knowledge is uncertain but not uncertain to the same degree and in the same way - if it were then there would be no possibility of improvements in knowledge of the constructivist dynamic or otherwise.
5) It is about thinking our way through bridging ontological and epistemological issuesd without collapsing them or necessarily demanding a brute correspondence theory of truth.
6) It is not about saying natural science is separate from scociety it is about saying that science studies something that cannot be reduced to society - because the issue of what makes science possible, of what makes technology possible is how the universe is.

Unless you're going to start responding to the argument it is difficult to see how any nuance can develop to allow differentiations to fruitfully occur and be worked through.
You seem to be becoming less provocative and more repetitive (whihc is of course causing us to repeat ourselves). What was it that Bacon said (biblical I think): What is truth? said Jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.


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