File spoon-archives/blanchot.archive/blanchot_1997/blanchot.9706, message 10

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 01:24:04 -0400
Subject: MB: creviced dance glaze (draw clothes (this sway))

violin says look versed and razzed nearest the zero-link/arrow-slink
spring-stretch spiral-phase scene in/on steps gesture taken seriesly see
her ease slyly lead us a sway ride ride her ID hide within the present gift
her loss left took relief for glinted done the spark for next the knot
bereft to untie the needy nightie spiral-face recourse recore swear slimly
(note not slimely though now contaminated by this very tone struckpluck
write) beneath the seer-reel vast bleak leak upon the brain-plane in an
effort to tell the place where the inks are stored like squeezed or
stretched after the ends of winters multi-plea-wrecked door terse orders
ordeals untie the reedy night the waves of the "is" chorus the core of us
the score a fuss and the wrist ghost undone line of swivelloopment: the
forgotten writhings fountain-spray protection units thus preventing a mark
upon the page of life which while unborn quill has eyes two lights
affirming pluralities favor-write glassical spectrum a luck-seed at yet an
other object torn away from its selves' subject-tivolies and from you the
stimulated wheel-through progeny in readiness for the discovery of
gloss-(h)and quill-fielding spices spontaneous manifestivities
emergences/emergencies light-merge in the ocean seas hat razzed has in
(the) Meldville Resonances a spread yes her eyes two one the one un-



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