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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 21:23:49 -0700
Subject: MB: Re:(turneries) in a-voiding communications turn-st(y)le.

+ ______________________ [Art-tow a-way Zone] ________________________ -	

	Worth waiting for,..ehi? I bet, and from one heard as 'un morte 
la bete'! And see, how the chorus appears, x-plyploding there-letters; 
alterity advanced in advance of a broken arm, writing with finger tips 
afloat, as "existence is elsewhere" - there/their plunging into Breton, 
from "Segreto dell'arte magica surrealista", (see. De Micheli, _Le 
avanguardie artistiche del Novecento_, Feltrinelli, Milano, 1966, 

	What more! "Pas si bete" (tell me another). Already it 
turns,(turnieries): Artaud versus Breton, - and Blanchot(?), should we 
take it from the top: from _Infinite Conversation_, again? Within what 
returned from Moore, from LAP sent, a wrinkle appears (beautiful 
wrinkles, if merely of similes), yet one which shows how the paragraphs 
there interspacing speech move towards each other like two nights passing 
on a ship, and the hulls wrinkle back (as skin ripped back slowly from 
overworked nail beds), and a collision whispers of Artaud writing to 
Breton. (see letter dated September 14, 1937, p. 405-410, in _Antonin 
Artaud, Selected Writings_, ed. Susan Sontag).

	Shall that be added to the Blanchot bit on Surrealism? Would that 
be to take the bit in one's teeth? Hors-work, and plenty of it! As far as 
your "Other", it isn't that it (surrealism) "cannot be called an Other", 
no, no, it can't precisely because it takes the word right out of your 
mouth, like a Minotaur in search of a hors-jeu hors-d'affaire, and there 
becomes the field of the Other a gaining knot gaingiving gainsome 
			   |,and do you blame the locus(t) for its song?

entre chien et loup dans
lalangue trespasses,
Lucio Angelo Privitello 

	   - [Wonderful to speedreadsee you again, Daniel, and Curtis! 
	      There, see, in Curtis' "Re: MB: A-voiding communications
	      turn-st(y)le)" the hulls of the two nights passing on a
	      a ship. And Daniel, who still sends dreams to 
	      Nebuchadnezzar, since out of the lions dens some have
	      []x-ited. What to say of Kafka's "If it had been possible 
	      to build the Tower of Babel without ascending it, the work
	      would have been permitted."? Et voi, Jenn, Irene?
	      Work permits fore-sailing here!] -


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