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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 22:02:38 -0700
Subject: MB: A voice in reading

Steely pyrotechnics
   How enchanting this illumination is
   An artificer's artifice
   To mix a certain grace with courage
   (Apollinaire, <Fete>)

      pho ti ti ananti phantiame
      fa ti tiame ta fatridi

   Much more than the creator's somber struggle, much more than
the         artist's battle to master chaos by disappearing therein, it
evokes       the divine aspect of creation.  (Blanchot, _The Space of
Literature_:    p. 197)

The Light Innocent Yes of Reading....

Even Artaud's _fatridi_ requires a frame.  The one who provides the
frame becomes the frame... is at once the reader and the frame.  This
frame(r) folds in upon the work framed -- a derridian meridian.  

At the very center is the _phantiame_ which never speaks and is never
read... only experienced as "pyrotechnics."  The reader provides the
enchanting illumination unwillingly, thinking the act of interpretation
has occurred in his/her realm.  The divine aspect is the impossible
interpretation -- to create that which already exists... to make it
more... liveable?

Yes.  The innocent light of reading.

I am not done reading.



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