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Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 11:02:20 -0700
Subject: Re: MB: A voice in reading

Edward Moore wrote:

> The Light Innocent Yes of Reading....
> Even Artaud's _fatridi_ requires a frame.  The one who provides the
> frame becomes the frame... is at once the reader and the frame.  This
> frame(r) folds in upon the work framed -- a derridian meridian.
> At the very center is the _phantiame_ which never speaks and is never
> read... only experienced as "pyrotechnics."  The reader provides the
> enchanting illumination unwillingly, thinking the act of
> interpretation
> has occurred in his/her realm.  The divine aspect is the impossible
> interpretation -- to create that which already exists... to make it
> more... liveable?
> Yes.  The innocent light of reading.
> I am not done reading.
> Edward        
                     d(i)n g e(i)s t
                  (l)                 e
                o                          l
               m                                 l
m err id (i) an o t h err w(is)e cell an (i) en f am es............
                 r                               r

be com  (i)ng 

un fol d(i)ng     x  scrypt(i)on 
in/no s ent eign (is)

  ight...                      de vine a S/Pecs t: ph(r)as e s ee s

                 "white decimal


                                on the edge of space"
d   r own s in/n                                        da  sein(e)

                   the one-
                   winged soaring blackbird
                   above the firewall, behind
                   Paris, up there,
                   in the
                   poem." [Celan]


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