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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 01:23:16 -0400
Subject: MB: two does-en[d] questions or a haze-ty counting? 

     As per a previous argument to which I trust you remember well (and
fondly perhaps?) a la Tony [the literal, (yet not littoral )]'s
interpretation of 24 and a half was it(?),in homage to him I ask : How 
do  you count Leonardo's 24 questions. Is it simply a counting of the
question marks or rather a breaking down of questions within questions,
presenting a quest far greater in that how do you present an answer to
questions that contain questions that contain even more questions? Where
do you make the break?  How can you justify such a solid, clear-cut
number with confidence considering all that is contained in each
questioning? And if you count 24, are you not perhaps leaving questions
unanswered in the mind of he who posed them, ot more importantly, where
would the 24th and a half question fall: in the middle of the 24th
question or in the yet unasked [?] 25th? Is such a numeric coincidence in
fact coincidental or the result of a greater force at work?
"We are the music-makers.  We are the dreamers of dreams."


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