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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 21:36:50 -0700
Subject: MB: "...Let me count the ways." or " may count on till a speckled haze dances before your eyes..."

One announced from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the other, (Autre, encore) 
from Nikolai Gogol's, _Dead Souls_, II. Thus to questions; sur-reeling 
ones, minus four, which supports the count after "Raggo //\\//\\//\\

    There, there's your twenty-four (or "two does-en[d] questions.."). 
And the others, those which might support the others (autre?), the
						          "\/ \/"? That 
is the quest one should not shun. Mostly, as Gogol would halve it, "a 
speckled haze dances before your eyes..." Yet, from the first, and 
counting the ways, of course fondly, as the heart goes a fondling, the 
"half" is wonderfully missing between the support "\/ \/"; for if you 
look carefully, it would be the 'half' left open, open to the earth, 
halved so(wn)-to-speech of a foundation which reveals the leaning in and 
against the body - to/two fallen eyelashes maybe, the outside ever 
so(wing) within. In a word: 'sublime'. It is a counting as batted 
eyelids, those strokes, and the questions sum of 10, as 2 + 8, from a 
coupled one counted as twenty-eight. Should we then ask ourselves 
question ten to this counting, and recounting, "counted as the small dust 
of the balance."?(_Isaiah_,40:15). 

	"Does it matter?" Has that redeemed the count? Or is it the 
practice of Jeffersonians, which notes: "When angry, count ten before you 
speak;..", pushing it by six from the words of Mark Twain? (_Pudd'nhead 
Wilson [1894],ch.1,10). Let's see; question six: "Does solitude begin?"

	There, two out of the four spotted: "\/ \/". Two to go. Care to 
do the math? Let's see 10 + 6 = 16. There, a Parmenidies in the 
making(!), sublime mares awaiting "which carry me conveyed me as far as 
my desire reached, when the goddesses who were driving had set me on the 
famous highway,....."(Fragment #1). See especially Blanchot, p.9 of 
_Infinite Conversation_ in connection to this. Now what's left? Should be 
one, right? Which one? "\", or "/", or "\", or maybe "/"? As I hold the 
response back, recalling Artaud's "an unleveling of thought", I send a 
"clear word" and "hale": "The Activity of the Surrealist Research 
Bureau", from (Artaud, _Selected Writings_, p.105-107) - there,, 
have "I sp[oken] only for them[?]" Does this answer the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 
6th, and 7th question of "two does-en[d] questions or a haze-ty 
	    "..for where levity is given us, gravity does not lack".

	      Jouissance-nique(r) of calculations to you!

entre chien et loup dans 
lalangue trespasses,
Lucio Angelo Privitello


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