File spoon-archives/blanchot.archive/blanchot_1997/blanchot.9706, message 29

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 08:11:48 -0400
Subject: Re: MB: a-rival v err s e/s t rain (i)ng wor(l)ds

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997 23:13:13, Curtis Clark wrote:

>hol weg ge be(i)Z     T...  stam er r ring S  EIN
>                    I
>                  E
>                v   r          o         d   ance
>              e       e            a
>            s           A    e
>     r                D
>   a                     r
> e                         i
>n                            f
>              o                t                s

holy thirst and hunger way gesture be the I that scopes and scopies
probably would not say scope ease or ease of scope but there it was is
shall be just without within justice just the ice of it ice a fit befitting
eyes I's I is the eye is I within the sparkling attraction of the soul's
light then there's this bite thing like bitten bits forbidden hunger or
poverty crime of no duckets scratch dust etc. recall recoil etc. bet set
her rough hen delicate slayings of the heart for tea I stammer by decrees
to word the chill an effect of better breathing icebox effect on ice when
you wanna be in the sainted a.m. an error in the flow curved graciously
mood like an attempt not to mention the name of a certain creature on the
green on which it depends its presence in lace nonetheless is a lesson in
concealment's veilure to keep entirely from view hearing or touch even the
inner perception of its perfume not added on but innate near the being part
apart a part a party thereto a party sound of sounds and nerves drink in
hand conspicuous desire to merge and through a door disappear the two
clothed to reach other separated kinds of attraction flight or fright in
the write light(s) just acquiring to luck at the stars which drift in my
remake of the hem the way the delta vent left remains a rift betwine and
the beaconing of a reading never stately you list us in out festival
Atlantics correspondence with a more peaceful approach to another body of
space call-up star letters' dance for tears ancient fuel



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