File spoon-archives/blanchot.archive/blanchot_1997/blanchot.9706, message 31

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 14:34:07 -0700
Subject: Re: MB: a-rival v err s e/s t rain (i)ng wor(l)ds

Curtis Clark, ASC wrote:
> hol weg ge be(i)Z     T...  stam er r ring S  EIN
>                     I
>                   E
>                 v   r          o         d   ance
>               e       e            a
>             s           A    e
>      r                D
>    a                     r
>  e                         i
> n                            f
>               o                t                s

Am I the only one who wonders what this has to do with anything - and 
especially with Blanchot?

M Purcell,
137 Admiralty Rd.,
KY11 2QL


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