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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 23:06:52 -0700
Subject: Re: MB: A-voiding communications turn-st(y)le.

Lucio Privitello wrote:
> + _______________________________(   )________________________________ -
>                                    |
>                                    |
>         A "joining" already seams its way to happening, there, maybe
> within a "No one answered", sent, again from Moore, non the less, which
> found a frame, an impossible frame carved from what a void calls as its
> fore.

Ah yes.  Also Sprach Artaud (not a bland showman, by any means):

   What I have suffered from until now is having denied the Void.
   The Void which was already within me.
   I know that someone wanted to enlighten me by means of the Void
and      that I refused to let myself be enlightened.
   (_The New Revelations of Being_)

The Void might be that "hole in the universe," righty-right?  That
"absence that is not an absence"?  But the absence is within the self,
and the surreal is the numerous, the every-BODY, which invades the
solitude of the perfectly constructed realm... self-containing solitude,
of course.  Where might the guards be?  Joining is violence, the path of
the cult (member) of the numerous.  "In the Cabala there is a music of
>         Communications crumbling walls that we scale. One can even taste
> the dirt, which falls upon our lips as we seek to tell of the disaster.
> Yet, there's Moore. Have you, Edward, traced the falling in/out which
> encircled this and the Bataille list (connected as they are)? The event
> itself - (and here I will point to surrealism via Blanchot) - showed how
> "...he had the particular power not of being the _one_ any more than the
> others, but of making surrealism each one's Other, and in the attraction
> of this Other taken as a living presence-absence (a _beyond the day_ at
> the horizon of a space unknown and without a beyond), of living it with
> friendship in the most rigorous sense of this exacting term: making the
> surrealist affirmation, in other words, a presence or a work of
> friendship." (Blanchot, _Infinite Conversation_, 408). What more.......?
>                                   |
>                                   |
>          Shall it be taken from there....?
>                                    \
>                                     \
>                                      \Given again?
>                                      /
>                                     /
> entre chien et loup dans ----------/
> lalangue trespasses,               \
> Lucio Angelo Privitello             \------------Then turn-st(y)le......

The idea of an "infinite conversation" involves a continuous turning of
style, a twisting and turning... adaptation, one might call it.  And
Surrealism, as a definable something, cannot even be called an "Other"
or an "affirmation," since it involves a dissolution BEFORE THE (F)ACT,
a loss of self in automatic response to stimuli...  Thank whatever gods
there be for small blessings... like the first chap who ever carved on
stone or bark under ancient skies, I created a hole in my personal
universe, my inner void (the only possible void) that allows influences
to gather AROUND it only like pretty crystals, adornments. 
Communication is a turning of style to meet the onslaught of influences
against the perfect realm when there are no guards...  A peaceful
"synthesis" because it is not permanent... even the _godhead_ dissolves
in vapor, or in a coffee can... just ask Lovecraft.



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