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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 18:03:11 -0500
Subject: MB: Writer and Place

David: I don't mean confined to Spacetime as confined to anywhere, that
is I don't mean to preclude any event whether it be time like seperated,
light like seperated, or space like seperated. But I was not really
making a comment of physics. 

I was not clear before and I don't know how clear I can get but let me

I tend to think that the writing is above space and time (if only in that
it doesn't speak to one person but to many, and it doesn't speak at one
time but at all times at once) here I think of Whitman "distance avails
not, time avails not." And I also tend to think that the reading is above
space and time (if only in that it is not read by one person but many and
not at one time but at any given time, and the text does not stop
speaking.) But think of the text itself. Every letter takes up space on
the page and takes a certain amount of time to read. What part does this
play if any in literature? How can authors present simultaneous events if
this is the case? Can they? 

But this is not my major question. Perhaps it the above plays a certain
part in the general concept of place and the text. 



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