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Subject: MB: RE: Un ritornello on "ritrovai" forsaking 'a' "u", or knot encore.
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 20:58:20 -0700

Dear Lucio,

I get it!  I misspelled "ritrovai"!

Was there anything else you wanted to say to me?

Michael Harrawood
Laramie, WY

>From: 	Lucio Privitello[]
>Sent: 	Thursday, December 04, 1997 3:09 AM
>To: 	blanchot-AT-jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
>Subject: 	MB: Un ritornello on "ritrovai" forsaking 'a' "u", or knot encore.
>*------{   }----------*
>|      { commedia/inferno/annot/images/inf_dore_01.002.jpeg  }          |
>|									|
>|	        "mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,"		        |
>|									|
>|	...and as what bounced, bouncing back for-words in a harrowed   |
>|wood, or "selva oscura" - and "smarrita" to a simple turn of a "u";    |
>|was that a "Je"-turn into the _you_ of "u", oh! "moi" O-"moi" "Je est  |
>|un autre" (e cosi' siamo con Rimbaud avec Lacan). And to what follows: | 
>|									|
>|	       "mi ritrouvai per una selva oscura" (_sic_)		|
>|		[M.S Harrawood in Reg Lilly, Wed, 03 Dec]		|
>|									|
>|not "too long or dull", just Je-turned into its own text, a "trespass  |
>|of the sign" - see!, so(wn) placed-t/here; ecce "Writing and Place[----|
>|(even if as a)---man, or mat(to(o))]. Could you, Michael of Laramie,   |
>|{d')oil this "langue" further, or is that the work of the "lardaiuolo"?|
>|Or should we wait for April 8th summed to 1300th, and then take it as a|
>|seven day event? (Check the _Convivio_, IV, XXIII  6,9). And let's see |
>|if to thirty-five you'd be; since Adam's sign (or "mal seme"[Inf.,III, |
>|115) as "primo parente"(Inf.,IV, 55), as body shown in your "u" (Purg.,|
>|IX, 10): "carne d'Adamo" (Purg., XI, 44),and there what kind of root to|
>|a thought of "Writing and Place': "innocente"? (Purg., XXVIII, 142). Or|
>|if Michael (~~Maria) thus "Benedicta tue figlie d'Adamo" (Purg., XXIX, |
>|85-6), pushing it into a "supplementary jouissance", or "quando        |
>|Beatrice scese" (Purg., XXXII, 36) - "not-all", yet a-rounding l'albero|
>|brullo (did you hear a "mormorare") for "l'animo prima"? (Purg.,XXXIII |
>|62), but here, I'll leave the references in Paradise to _you_, Michael,|
>|since my dark dignity, or "colui che fu nobil creato / piu' ch'altra   |
>|creatura, giu' dal cielo / folgoreggiando scender da un lato." (Purg., |
>|XII, 25-27) - gia "volse le spalle al suo fattore" (Par., IX, 128),    |
>|though "somma d'ogni creatura" (Par., XIX, 47), or here/heard as       |
>|"'l perverso" (Par., XXVII, 26) [Lacan anyone?], "da tutti i pesi del  |
>|mondo costretto." (Par., XXXIX, 57), ending this, in Paradiso _anyway_,|
>|climbing on the back-of-words or to what names me as named notforsaken,|
>|and in my numbers versed (and with a glance to "I", as seen in Blanchot|
>|"Reflections on Hell" (_IC_, 171-193), I trespass with lalangue encore.|
>|									|
>|	 A little more on "ritrovai" then, since the semamtic spaces    |
>|have been shown for what I/you make them? Troppo trope'd topos? But,   |
>|then again you'd have to be a "finder", if not, be-kept. So, ancora    |
>|nella "selva oscura"? Look back. Eccomi la(coning)langue, a literal    |
>|space-'ing' to a "pre" so(wn) Ponge(e). Or Dantescamente put:    	|
>|									|
>|                "Gia' _veggia_ per _mezzul_ perdere o _lulla_,         |
>|	          com'io vidi un, cosi' non si pertugia                 |
>|		  rotto dal mento infin dove si _trulla_."              |
>|			               (Inf., XXVIII, 22-24).           |	
>|									|
>|									|
>| |
>|             annot/images/inf_dore_03.078.jpeg		                | 
>|__________________________|* |_________________________________________|
>		           |* |
> entre chien et loup dans   *
> lalangue trespasses,       *
> Lucio Angelo Privitello ---*


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