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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 22:41:12 -0500
Subject: MB: Trovato! Virgil's "re"-turn, et 'a'-more.

*_________________________[Per l'amor di Dante]________________________*

	So(wn) up, fessed, Michael, to see before me your R.A. Shoaf _Dante,
Chancer and the Currency of the Word:..._" [1983] and A.K. Cassell's
_Lectura Dantis Americana, Inferno I_, [1989]; what was once passed on
as what seemingly yours now "ritrovato" as not. Is that enough of
something "else" to say to you? Answer: "Yes".  So, "ritrovato" sei, or
found-out really, within Cassell ([1989], footnote 32 referenced to page
10), and Shoaf's work ([1983] page 49). Vergogna! Have you yet to check
the _Enciclopedia Dantesca_ [1973], p. 995 under "ritrovare" (of
Alessandro Niccoli), or Gorni, G. _Dante nella Selva_, (Parma, 1995, p.
65)? See?
		"Tratto t'ho qui con ingegno e con arte;
		 lo tuo piacere omai prendi per duce"
		 		(_Purg.,_ XXVII, 130-131)

	Or, with Caron's oar should I give it to you in Latin, that of Guido da
Pisa's _Expositiones et glose super Comedian Dantis_? There your
"arboribus peccatorum". Or how about a romp-around in Boccaccio's
_Esposizioni sopra la Comedia_ (Canto Primo, I,5,6)? Your place-x-ing
this played-giro-a-vuoto-ism (of yours) undermines even your own
question along with the "invention" (one's self: still-birthing _your_
place as writer, and your writing of place); thus not "poeting"
yourself. [see Cassell, 1989, p. 133, fn. 32; or Dante _De vulgari
eloquentia_, I.II. 3 (_ED_, 6: 759).]. Or should St. Augustine remind
you? "It is in no space occupying place that we slip down to the
depths." (_Confessions_, XIII, 7). Your "ritrovai" means nothing without
it. (see also Dante, _Convivio IV, xii, 14-19). Hai capito? "Nemo venit
ad Patrem nisi per me". Jeeze! Here's your push come to a shovel's fill
to your "something else to say to [you]". I was waiting for _you_ to
fess up, while placing you "out" to write, or writing you in "place" and

	Fall Michael, fall, and t/here with me read again when you question me:
""qual che tu sii, od ombra od omo certo!" (_Inf., i, 66).

entre chien et loup dans
lalangue trespasses,
Lucio Angelo Privitello


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