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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 15:22:08 -0800
Subject: Re:  MB:  The Writer and Place

While I continue to enjoy your post(s) Michael, and plan, fully hoping
to type (to be typed), and to read [sometimes to be read (or bent like a
reed)] further about MB and 'spaces'...,

... in respect of Lucio, the violence (unaccountable or otherwise) of
who's posts I've never felt inflicted upon by, nor, however densely,
ever imagined would attack my person (least of all via keys)...,

...respectfully now, don't you also desire, on some level, (considering
the 'space' of elements you might find it worth sacrificing its
'literary' occupant in the 'name' of) to be free to write on any level,
understanding that your words would not be tied purely to merely
apparent utilities (or de(a)finitions of) such as "personal
confrontations and demonstrations of ego"? or, if you will indulge my
(albeit confused) stretching of a term, do you believe that no
'transliteration' of any variety really 'belongs' in this forum?

A nod struggling to bridge chaos and work,

Don Socha


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