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Subject: MB: Re(turning) the Writhing place(nta)
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 00:10:13 EST

*______________________ {From somebody...} _________________________*
|								|
|								|
|                 ...and t/here w/here vergogna verges as other than the
night of one's pre-|
|sence transformed into a body summed and named  placed rather, or
written  into|
|a post right after having stated (privately) that "[I] don't intend to",
when  answering |
| me was an issue on the list. [Harrawood, Sun, 14 Dec., 12:55;
Harrawood, Sun,   |
|14 Dec., 12:55.58; Harrawood, Thu, 11 Dec. 22:58 (private mail)].       
|								|
|	And "deeply touched" one should be, when small discoveries
(within a   |
|35 minute search) returns what dear to you Michael, is closer to light
the heads of |
|who (outside Dante studies) wishes to take this issue further.  Would it
not have   |
|been a greater tribute to the "friend" to have cited these passages
which were        |
|lifted in "place" of,  rather than writing them in as an emptying out of
their mentor?  |
|Of course, nel percorso, an alethetic spacing (however ineptly) returns
(n)one to    |
|there being something of it: the oars smack on the back of the dead
perchance;     |
|that _verge_ as other than the night of one's presence. (Weave here your
mention |
|of Heidegger, Blanchot, Smock's introduction, (snowboundedness) "who
cares",   |
|and "property rights",  "right to post" and "right to talk"). Right or
Write?                       |
|								|
|	Michael. This 'obsession, aggression, and snottiness et al',
which you    |
|decorated your "impression['s]" of me as are not what make up the
"antagonizing" |
|effect, but what instead  stampedes as the  "deeply touched" and 
"delighted"          |
|exictment which I turned to you as "Tratto t'ho qui con ingegno e con
arte; lo tuo       |
|piacere omai prendi per duce" (_Purg.,_ XXVII, 130-131). That is the
"place[O]nta"   |
|of every "a", which I too turned to you within St. Augustine's "It is in
no space occu-   |
|pying place that we slip down to the depths." (_Confessions_, XIII, 7).
It was more   |
|than  a hand; a-more of a "re"-turn. Yet, com'on, you have found this
place, or have   |
|(or leased) been placed-out-to-write, haven't you now? Bravo,
bravissimo!  And it is |
|t/here that the "gravitanional [pull of language]"(cf., St Augustine's
fraise/phrase), is |
|what act-and-counts for the "self-negation" of what makes _much_ sense
of your    |
|question on competing and "semantics-as-space". [Harrawood, Sun, 14
Dec]. So,  |
|if it was merely "a quarter" of what I wrote that was understood, let
even that wield a |
|"no quarter" to your resistence of 'rights' to the 'property' of
_selves_,' post[ed]' as a  |
|a ["talk of [R]ight"]. T/here we have the "...od ombra od omo certo!"
which I also re-    |
|turned to you from what in Dante returned as Virgil. Vedi?
|								   |
|	Thus, and as what addresses from an/other place, x-placed, a
"ritrovai"     |
|questions the very  "space" which  intends to speak, awl-talked-hors of 
how one     |
|kind of "answering [ ] at length" has "rights" over that of the other's
Other.                    |
|						        /         \	
|___________________________________________________|         |_________|
 entre chien et loup dans
 lalangue trespasses,
 Lucio Angelo Privitello				            'a'



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