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Subject: MB: Writing place as  ""ritroviam l'orme nostre insieme ratto"."...
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 11:55:15 EST

...and t/here another token from _Inferno_, VIII, 102 - or hint be-spoken
once, (_Inf_., 1,2;) from what began locally, expressed here, and also 
there in Florence in a cadence of ideals unapproachable, cornerstoned,
precious, yet eroding. Isn't this the play of _"visibile parlare"_, (of
that visible speech  [_Purg.,_ X, 95]) - "intagliato li` nel marmo
stesso" (_Purg.,_ X, 55) of writing place, where, (as Don noted [Socha,
Wed, 17 Dec]) - "language, logos, ego" bleed through one another?

	             "And answered: "Happy those for whom the fold
				(Shelley, "The Triumph of Life")

	To step back from this is to not face a real challenge; and  even
to reconsider those shunned would merely drag along t/hing(e)s as an echo
of what unbounded is a momento mori of a mimetics without a body. T/here
a line is cast: "ma vostra vita sanza mezzo spira" (_Par.,_ VIII, 142) -
to again slip from what first was the "mezzo" of  y/our "Nel[lish]"
avoidances. Thus, "Swift as a spirit hastening to his task" (Shelley,
_idem_.,) solutions in silence rush to cover, uncover, an encounter "con
vergognosa fronte" (_Inf_., I. 81) -failing to face Virgil's 're'-turn,
or of Re(turning) the Writing place(nta).  Is this to avoid a 'trouver
contre, face a` face'; a touch-and-(mostly)-go on 'faire tourner quelque
chose'; and t/here never to 'trovar di nuovo' what militates from within,
as one's other night to which we, as spoke(n)s  x-claim: "_Comme on se

	"O voi che siete in piccioletta barca, / disiderosi d'ascoltar,"
(_Par_., II, 1), "tr'ambo li primi li occhi tuoi ritrovi" (_Idem_., 99) -
or as agent, counted to oust  Smart, or Max-one's-miserliness, seguiti
pure, or forever "sotto le branche verdi si ritrova." (_Inf_., XXVII,
45), una "sanguinoso mucchio". (_idem__., 44).  Still _tropus_?
Merely _tropare_, and t/here inventing.  (see, again, A.K. Cassell,
_Lectura Dantis Americana, Inferno I__, notes to page 9-10, p. 133,
footnote, 32). 

	Should you [MH] take it from there, I mean Shoaf's _Dante,
Chaucer and the Currency of the Word:...."(1983), especially Chapter  3 
and read of, (telling though) of   "Narcissus Purged"? Maybe then you'd
lose such Virgil'd eyes cast within an unhinged Echo of a writing some
still call place to ego, while I t/here re-found it showing  what
(twisting a bit in a Lacanian  way, with Irigaray not far aside) John
Duns Scotus wrought:

		                   "Amo: volo ut sis"
		            (I love: I will that you be)

	A "will" without gazes measured, { "a"-will-"O"-La-wisp} even
unappointed, or  "will"-leased-and-'ness'  of what "tra l'omo e 'l fonte"
(_Par_., III, 18) can speak, be-spoken rather than "leccar lo specchio di
Narcisso," (_Inf_., XXX, 128) as token of responses
"per"-dicta-without-a-"res"- Horace-ing upon a field of an _Ars poetica_

"Et moi loup j'en ferai scrupule?" (La Fontaine),
entre chien et loup dans
lalangue trespasses,
Lucio Angelo Privitello

(...and you just wait until next time, Don....[laughter])





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