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Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 01:56:05 -0800
Subject: MB: Aider a` la lettre ["..l'etre et l'autre"] - or, "aicher" "Aidez-moi"?

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	"...[N]or absence of light" (_TO_, 107-8),(who) oars within the 
infinite {embrasure} of noctural Caron beholding in-gestured to favor one 
as 'hors'; across-sure-sheared-shore to 'a' (k)nighthood hears/here again 
knotted to a "nor [in] absence of light"; or _epidemic_ (as in Detienne's 
_Dionysos At Large_, 4): of "...sacrifices offered to the divine powers 
when they came to visit a region or a temple, or attended a feast or were 
present at a sacrifice." What has it been? He(a)re I am through what 
thrown in "Aidez-moi" poses a "aicher" - (or so(wn) 'cher', if not 
'cherot' to those prompt to tarry in future anterior(?) and 'chetivement' 
at that) - Ruming around, catching t/here also a long "sigh..." [Raggo, 
25 Nov 97] even from what merely "ps['d]" is foaming Ariosto, or 
"sweetest Ari" as 'a' gift may be, havling it, "Erring" as DS [Tue, 04, 
Nov 97] stated "mov[ing] outside to favor" a speech mute to a stoa's 
view. Talk about "humanistic"! Silence, the picturesque of "I'm still 
thinking about...". A porch with a vous. Or _tu_ _vouz_ with a _voute_. 
Idiomatic enough for "the ecstasy of sacrifice", Ari, or should someone 
Flesch it out for ya? [see Raggo, Tue, 25 Nov 97]. [laughter].

	Relax, mon cher. "Forgetting, the latent gift."? Remember? 
(_sic_). "_le don l'attend" - as a hook to the issue of "place" when 
writing, and to Blanchot when reading as "Death's Space". Now there's a 
real-key for you'z. [Blanchot, _Awaiting Oblivion_, 45-_passim_; and _The 
Space of Literature_ 132-33]. Sure; now I bet it's: "Oh!, what a 
'cheval'", or even, 'Dieu vous soit en aide!', a 'lettre a` cheval!' 
Forget it,....for porched 'vous l'avez bien cherche!'. So that's what 
happened to Rumi,..................................
. entre chien et loup dans
. lalangue trespasses,
. Lucio Angelo Privitello
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