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Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 08:32:48 -0500
Subject: MB: Station Hill Reader

I just received the following note from George Quasha.  


_The Station Hill Blanchot Reader_, ed. George Quasha (Station
Hill/Barrytown, Ltd.) will be available in December 1998. It brings
together seven of his eight books published by Station Hill over the past
twenty years: _Vicious Circles, Thomas the Obscure, Death Sentence, The
Madness of the Day, When the Time Comes, The One Who Was Standing Apart
>From Me,__ and ten of the eleven essays from _The Gaze of Orpheus and Other
Literary Essays.__  Translations by Lydia Davis, Paul Auster, and Robert
Lamberton. Preface by George Quasha, Foreword by Christopher Fynsk,
Afterword ("Publishing Blanchot in America: A Metapoetic View") by George
Quasha and Charles Stein. 560 pages. $29.95. ISBN: 1-886449-17-1. Credit
Card Book Orders to Station Hill/Barrytown: (888) 758-0610.

George Quasha
Station Hill Press/Barrytown, Ltd.
 or The Institute for Publishing Arts, Inc.
Barrytown, NY 12507

Phone: Office: (914) 758-5840
       Messages for Station Hill/Barrytown: (914)  876-9334
       Messages for GQ: (914) 876-9440
Fax: 758-8163 (publishing office)
Fax GQ (personal): (914) 758-9838  (NOTE: new number)

Credit Card Book Orders to Station Hill/Barrytown: (888) 758-0610

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