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Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 00:58:24 -0800
Subject: MB: Fwd: Blanchot and rights, duty, deuil: titbit (poor mayoral

Most recently, in some of the diacritics biddings and an MLN article i cant 
cite, Blanchot renders more explicit the crossing guard in person of J.-F. 
Lyotard.  Any discussion of rights, responsibilities, or duty would have to 
refer back to, not only his earliest, but Writing/Disaster and its 
reflections on the inhuman, on Le'vinassian ethics and what he does with the 
mythic status or "scene" of the encounter, the vis-a'-vis.  No obscurantist, 
is related to the entire French discussion of the futur ante'rieur -- as 
Deleuze writes in Logique/sens, the simple future is a lie -- and therefore 
of Freud and deferral/Nachtra:glichkeit.  For the ever-remaining future when 
the past would open to be repeated.  What, i wonder, is the most precise way 
in which to relate the Immemorial to responsibility a' la Le'vinas as 
Blanchot reads him, in whichever terms it may arise, be it classical 
incorporeality or neutrality or the fact of the corpse and the fact that we 
tend to it however it may be that we do (we do)?  Is this beating something 
already licked or is it still juicing?  j.l.


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