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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 21:04:57 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: MB: Academics


	One might say that it's about time.  Or that it's about time.  I
myself am a poet who has been lurking about on this list for quite a
while.  My original interest came from reading Fire, and has grown
exponentially as I read and re-read his work.  I am very glad to have this
conversation entering my virtual space on a daily basis now.  I look
forward to hearing the discussion, and to adding my two-sense.  A
question: has anyone here read Nishida Kitaro?  His ideas of
"contradictory identity" intrigue me.  I'm wondering if anyone has thought
about this mostly German-influenced thinker in relation to Blanchot.


"Jurgen put on one of his many Neoist hats--in this instance
a large fish that had been slit open and gutted.  Thus attired,
he was ready for rehearsals.  It was 2pm before the filming was
completed...The afternoon wore on, with only endless cups of tea
to help it wear off.  Thomas gazed up at the sun and mumbled
something about UFOs."		- Charles Dickens

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Ezra Mark wrote:

> Claire Dinsmore wrote:
> > - and I simply started by asking to hear voices which had
> > been creatively influenced by his work.
> Video / installation artist Gary Hill has used Blanchot texts in several
> of his works -- generally with provocative and intriguing results --
> glad to have had the chance to experience several of them. Might be of
> interest to some; there are several monographs and catalogs on Hill's
> work available, and I believe that Station Hill has published at least
> one book on him -- I just did a quick search and found a page on him at
> the Station Hill site:
> Best,
> Ezra


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