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Subject: RE: MB: Academics
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 16:28:22 -0800

Ezra Mark wrote:

> Video / installation artist Gary Hill has used Blanchot texts in several
> of his works -- generally with provocative and intriguing results --
> glad to have had the chance to experience several of them. Might be of
> interest to some; there are several monographs and catalogs on Hill's
> work available, and I believe that Station Hill has published at least
> one book on him -- I just did a quick search and found a page on him at
> the Station Hill site:

I second the recommendation. Hill's works include a video called _Incidence of
Catastrophe_, which is based upon _Thomas the Obscure_, and several
installations based on Blanchot texts, most notably _BEACON (Two Versions of the

Here is a good site that gives a lot of information on Gary Hill:


Steven Shaviro


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