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Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 16:08:52 +0100

To say that discursive responsibility is censorship is in itself a
pro-censorship assertion. I believe that Dr Marson was raising a question
about the relevance of certain contributions on the list, but Claire
Dinsmore obviously thinks that she shouldn't be allowed to. The value of a
discussion forum like this comes and goes with the seriosness of the
questions raised. Pleas, try to keep a certain level ...

Nils Olsson

>This sounds like a message  from the far right: it's called censorship (the
>euphemistic proposal that is).
>Dr Susan Marson wrote:
>> I may find some contributions to the Blanchot list less interesting than
>> others, but they are rarely offensive. Unlike the last. (I am stunned at
>> finding that particular piece of text amongst the mail I receive and
>> read in my own room). Perhaps the list would like to consider the notion
>> of discursive responsability, or the limits of community?
>"We live in the dark.  We do what we can. We give what we have.
>Our doubt is our passion.  Our passion is our task.  The rest of the madness
>is art."
>- Henry James



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