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Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 00:04:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: MB: CFP: Interdisciplinary Studies: In the Middle, Across, or in Between?

For those who might be interested (with apologies for cross-posting):

Interdisciplinary Studies: In the Middle, Across, or in Between?

Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association

Yale University, February 25-27, 2000


Comparative Literature has increasingly been offering an intellectual and
institutional space where students and scholars can feel free to explore
the possibilities--and limits--of interdisciplinary work. The organizing
committee of the 2000 ACLA Conference seeks proposals dealing with
specific manifestations of this particular development and with their
theoretical basis.

We are especially interested in topics with a broad historical and
geographical emphasis and extend a particular invitation to scholars
studying connections between literary studies and the social and natural
sciences, including, in no particular order, physics, economics, politics,
law, anthropology, medicine, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology,
and sociology.  Proposals focusing on cross-fertilization with archeology,
music, and the visual arts (including architecture, film, cartoons, and
comic strips) are also welcome.

See for further details,
including a list of suggested topics and a regularly updated list of
seminar proposals for which contributions are being solicited.

We expect that the majority of sessions will take the form of 12-person
seminars, meeting two hours a day for the three mornings of the
conference, with four papers presented each day. There will also be a
number of 8-person seminars, meeting two hours a day for the two
afternoons of the conference. Each participant will have the opportunity
to take full part in one seminar and then float freely among individual
sessions in other seminars.

We invite proposals for either an individual paper or a fully or partially
formed seminar.  You can join with a number of other people to present a
fully-formed seminar; alternatively, you can propose a topic you would
like to see, with one or more abstracts already attached to it, and the
conference committee will try to fill out the seminar as appropriate.
(Should this prove impossible, the committee will make every effort to
find other seminar homes for the submitted abstracts.)

If you have a seminar topic for which you wish to solicit contributions
directly, you may do so by forwarding your solicitation to the secretariat
of the ACLA at  Your solicitation will then be posted on
the conference web site (  Be
sure to give a deadline that will give persons whose proposals you will
not be able to accommodate ample time to submit their proposal
independently to the Program Committee.

If you wish to submit a paper to one of the seminars advertised on the
conference web site, send it to the organizer(s) of the seminar by the
deadline they have listed.  If they are unable to accommodate your paper,
they will inform you so that you can still submit it independently to the
Program Committee by the September 30, 1999 deadline.

DEADLINE FOR THE RECEPTION of seminar and independent paper proposals by
the Program Committee at Yale University:  SEPTEMBER 30, 1999

One-page abstracts for individual paper proposals must include NAME,
ADDRESS; seminar proposals must include one-page abstracts for each
presenter, as well as names, departmental and institutional affiliations,
postal addresses, and e-mail addresses of ALL participants.

Proposals MUST be sent via SURFACE or AIR MAIL to:

ACLA 2000 Program Committee
Department of Comparative Literature
Yale University
P.O. Box  208299
USA - New Haven, CT  06520-8299

Street address (for private companies such as FEDEX or UPS):
ACLA 2000 Program Committee
Department of Comparative Literature
Yale University
344 College Street
105 Connecticut Hall
USA - New Haven, CT  06511

TO THE ACLA. The Yale Program Committee will be making all decisions
concerning proposals.




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