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Date: Sat, 05 Jun 1999 05:15:50 PDT

>From: "Nosfe" <>

About Geoffrey Bennington, in Dudding, he also talked about speaking in an 
other language then his first, and the difficulties that are attached to it 
( like for me, in english too ). Meanwhile, I do agree with you, and the 
others, that the translations are exagerated. if you are familiar with La 
Revue des Sciences humaines, you might also be with Les Actes de la 
recherche en sciences sociales, by Bourdieu, his last one(s) do confirm that 
editions now days must be profitable -15% at least ( see Chomsky and Albert 
on that too ) and therefore that the books might even be "denatured" by the 
publishers, trans/laters and so on.

just one note about the imposability of translating: see the commentary on 
Hölderlin in last weeks' TLS... true, it is only one point of veiw...

one other one on the Blanchot lovers, with out doing a long () about 
l'amitié, G. Bruns is one too, if 30 years "in common" with Blanchot's text 
could prove anything!


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