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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 09:38:17 +1000
Subject: MB: CFP Blanchot Conference - Australia

Blanchot, the Obscure

A conference on the French critic and author Maurice Blanchot.
Organized by the journal Colloquy (Centre for Comparative Literature and 
Cultural Studies, Monash University)

Dates: 19-20 August 2004
At the Alliance Franšaise, 17 Robe St. St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Keynote Speakers: Christophe Bident, Kevin Hart, Leslie Hill

We invite papers on the critical and fictional work of Maurice Blanchot. 
Papers from postgraduates are encouraged. Proposals (150 words max.) for 
twenty minute papers should be sent by 20 May 2004 by e-mail to , or by post to Colloquy, Centre for 
Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Monash University, PO Box 
11A, Vic 3800, Australia.

For more information about the conference, visit:

The Colloquy Editors


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