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Subject: MB: Blanchot in Ency. of Modern French Thought 
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 10:18:05 -0400

As some of you on the list will know, Routledge recently published a Fitzroy 
Dearborn Encyclopedia of Modern French Thought. ( )

Unfortunately Routledge omitted the Blanchot entry due to a “production 
problem.” Since I wrote the entry, I contacted Kate Aker at Routledge 
( to say that the encyclopedia in its present 
form is incomplete and has diminished value as an authoritative resource. I 
asked whether they could release a second edition that includes an entry on 
Blanchot, but she replied they would only do so should future sales warrant 
a second edition.

It’s hard to believe Routledge would make such a huge mistake. I mention 
this in case any of you had seen the encyclopedia and wondered about the 
omission of Blanchot.

Kevin Fitzgerald

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