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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 15:42:59 -0500
Subject: MB: Blanchot list subscribers  PLEASE READ

Dear Subscribers:

As some of you may have heard through other lists, the Spoon Collective 
is disbanding.  The Spoon Collective has been going for 10 years, hosted 
by the Institute for Advanced Humanities (IATH) at the University of 
Virginia.  IATH's long-time head has moved elsewhere and the commitment 
of IATH to Spoons is not a certain thing.  Moreover, and more to the 
point, the energy to run a collaborative project like Spoons has 
exhausted its collective members, both creatively and administratively.  
Spoons comprised, over the course of its existence, dozens of 
discussions lists.  It has at least a couple of dozen that are more or 
less up and running at the moment with several thousand subscribers.  A 
few of the Spoon lists will be (or have been) migrated elsewhere by 
individual Spoon members, and many, perhaps most, lists will be shut 
down.  If some member of a list wishes to take over the responsibility 
of hosting a list that is not being migrated elsewhere, they should make 
that request, and Spoons will offer technical assistance for such 

I will be migrating the blanchot list, most likely to my home 
institution, Skidmore College.  The technical details still have to be 
worked out, but in all likelihood this migration should be seamless, 
requiring no action on any subscriber's part.  The Blanchot Resource 
Page similarly will be moved as will a copy of the archive.  It is our 
hope that the archives, presently located at, 
will continue to be preserved and made accessible for google searches.  
In any event, they are accessible at and, 
again, will be at the new site for the list.  Once the move is complete, 
information will be sent out on the list about the technical details.



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