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Date: 19 Feb 97 18:39:13 EST
Subject: Trust

In the Logic of Practice B. develops the theme from Mauss of double-sidedness in
giving - both social and economic and deplores the economism which destroys the
social fabric surrounding giving.  I am involved in writing a paper about the
economics of trust - the connection suggetes itself between Luhmann's situating
the trusting agent in the structiure of the firm.  B.'s approach suggests a
double situation in the dscourse of the firm and the discourse of social life.
In fact B.'s agents plainly exist in ovelapping fields - but does he ever
discuss the consequences of this for their action?  It must be the case that
they are capable of multiple social sets of skills and strategies, and that the
ploys of one field are the hypocrisies of another eg corporate entertaining.
Anthony Beck.



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