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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 16:56:05 +0100
Subject: Re: The importance of "underpinnings"

At 10:52 10/04/97 -0500, you wrote:
>We are two graduate students, both working on dissertations in the College
>of Education of different institutions.  Both are looking at the
>difference between practice and formal theory in adult higher education.
>One is concentrating on adult degree completion programs, and the other on
>Foreign Language instruction.  Coincidentally, both of us are interested
>in the "underpinnings" of programs (which we refer to as either "program
>theory" or "models").  Basically, our questions concern the relationship
>between program underpinnings and evaluation of the program:  does a
>relationship exist at all, and if it does exist, how would that
>relationship effect the work of the evaluator/evaluation?
>Patricia is using Patton's conceptualization of program theory (espoused
>theory and theory-in-use) as a way to look a a program holistically, then
>address issues related to the link between formal theory and practice in
>adult higher education.  "Theory' used in such a delineation can be one of
>three configurations:  formal, espoused, in-use.
>Where Patricia conceptualizes "theory", Jean-Jacques thinks of its
>embodiment:  the "model", and is looking at an association whose members
>are using a unique, non-traditional way to deliver academic courses in
>Foreign Language.  The members tend to use the term "format" and avoid
>"model" as the procedural embodiment of a theory.  The question then
>becomes:  Does the insistence on using "format" and resistance to using
>"model" imply a lack of theoretical underpinnings to what is being done?
>If so, is it of consequence?  And, what are the implications of such a
>lack for evaluators of such programs?
>We are looking for insights, and references in the literature to the
>importance of the underpinnings (theory/models) driving the format
>(procedures) of the instructional program from a holistic evaluator's
>point of view.
>We thought we would try to contact anyone interested in educational
>program evaluation.
>Thank you!
>Patricia Brewer, student, Teachers College Columbia University
>Jean-Jacques d'Aquin, U. of South Alabama
 A couple of references you might find useful:
 One is a volume I co-edited of - if you like - a case study of an initial
teacher training programme for English (foreign language) teachers>
Medgyes, P. & A. Malderez [1996] Changing perspectives in Teacher Education
Oxford: Heinemann
the other - you probably know on Evaluation Rea-dickens, P. Oxford
University Press
Hope this helps.
Angi Malderez
School of Education, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT
Tel: (0113)2334583


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