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Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:28:28 +1100
Subject: Re: Luhmann

> Does anyone know of any works by Niklaus Luhmann translated into English?

Thanks for the feedback so far in repsonse to my request about
Bourdieu/Luhman/Derrida. I will try to explain my reasons for these
(related) queries when I have more time.

Luhmann's opus, "Social Systems" was translated last year by Stanford
University Press.

The best introduction to Luhmann's work is his "Ecological
Communication", published by Polity Press (aka Basil Blackwell).

I think Polity also published his "Love as Passion".

The same publishers of translations of Bourdieu, have published in their
sociological series his "Risk: A sociological theory".

There is also a text of his on the system of law that has been

His pre-autopoesis work has also been translated: "Social

Plenty of articles have been translated. There was an issue of New
German Critique specifically on Luhmann and the latest German issue of
Modern Language Notes concerns Luhmann derived literary theory. Both
contain good bibliographies of translations I think.

In an issue of New Literary History of couple of yers ago, Luhmann
published an article about 'deconstruction as second-order observing'. 

Hope this helps.

Heiner Barker



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