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Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 18:32:20 +0200
Subject: contribution

I saw that someone was asking about correspondence analysis (a statistical
method for transforming a cross-tabulation of categorical data into a
graphical display) and there are several places on the internet that deals
with this technique. See "";
"" and
"". Unfortunately, I have not seen
too much methodological analyses about B's usage of this statistical
technique, besides some chapters in the Blasius & Greenacre book (1994)
mentioned by Fehlen Fernand above (1997 04 28). That book (Correspondence
Analysis in the Social Sciences, Academic Press) is the closest you get to
that (the way B uses correspondence analysis).
I have still to find analytic texts that discusses epistemological issues
and correspondence analysis, i.e. how does correspondence analysis
construct scientific knowledge, what is left out, or excluded, when
knowledge is formed via correspondence analysis, etc.?
Thank you. Kent

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