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Subject: Re: a couple of questions
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 17:37:02 PST

Nicha wrote:
>Hi, I'm Portuguese and my name is Nicha. I've been following your
>discussions with some interest, because I'm studying to be a teacher 
>I have been searching on the Net about any studies that have been done
>on the writings of Pierre Bourdieu about education, namely about
>"Propositions pour l'Enseigment de l'Avenir" and I haven't found
>anything about it. Is there a site on the Net where I can go look for
>some studies that have been written on this specific work?
>Thanks for your help.

Dear Nicha:
I'm also postgraduate student,and my master about the writings of pierre 
bourdieu generally,and about education especially.
so,I think that we my help each other succesfuly.
I have many refernces which i can send you,so can you.haven't you?
but in fact i don't knew french,i knew only english,so i realy need
translation of the above title.
with my best wiches
khaled abdel fattah
sociology department,faculty of arts
helwan university,cairo

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