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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 01:32:45 -0600
Subject: Q(1)routinization(2)

Hi, everyone,

I need a help from you again. It would be appreciated if someone of you
could answer even one of my questions below or give me any information
involved with them.

(1) Bourdieu and Weber's concept of "routinization"
As many of you know, Bourdieu uses the term "rountinization" in his book
Reprodcution to explain the ritualized factor of school culture. This word
should be initially introduced by Weber. Then, I would like to have a
question. What does Weber mean by the term "routinization"? In what context
does he introduce this concept? Specifically what part of what book or
article does Weber discuss this notion? Isn't there any article or book to
refer to so that I can understand this concept very well?

(2) Passeron's discussion of popular culture
Claude Grignon and Jean-Claude Passeron published some books/articles on
sociology of popular culture, such as: Sociologie de la culture et
sociologie des cultures populaires. Vol. 4. Paris:Documents du GIDES, 1984.
But I could not read French well. Could someone of you briefly tell me how
they discuss popular culture and what difference there is between their
argument and Bouridieu's? I know only a little of more emphasis that
Grignon and Passeron puts on the autonomy of popular culture than Bourideu,
but that is it. If you are able to read Freach and know some work by
Grignon and Passeron, would you be so kind to give me any information about

I look forward to hearing from someone of you. Thanks.


Minoru Sawada (UW-Madison)
503-I Eagle Heights,
Madison, WI 53705-2033
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