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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 12:11:39 +0100
Subject: Re: Bourdieu and Mauss

Ulle wrote: >So this is my question to you: Does anyone know of a text in
which Bourdieu
>himself directly refers to Mauss and the Techniques of the Body? Or do you

Hej Ulle! Glancing through Heyman (1996, p. 200), I see a reference to
Bourdieu's "The Logic of Practice", 98-100, where he, according to Heyman,
discusses honour partly from a Mauss-perspective. It's not exacly the body,
but as close as I can get right now.
Both Featherstone et al. (1991) and Shilling (1993) mention Mauss initially
(pages 20 something), but then fail to develope this link between Mauss
theories and Bourdieu's antropological view of the human body as a bearer
of meaning, i.e. habitus. No clues in these book either on a direct
reference to a Bourdieu text which talks about Mauss and Techniques of the
Body. Perhaps you can write a book about that, to fill out this gap? (Note:
a bit of irony here.)

Heyman, I. (1996). Gange hatt till... Omvardnadsforskningens framvaxt i
Sverige - Sjukskoterskors avhandlingar 1974-1991 [The Emergence of Nursing
Research in Sweden. Doctoral Theses Written by Nurses 1974-1991. Academic
dissertation, in Swedish with a summary in English]. The Department of
Educational Research, Stockholm Institute of Education. Stockholm:

Featherstone, M. et al. (1991). The Body. London: SAGE.

Shiling, C. (1993). The Body and Social Theory. London: SAGE.

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social significance of leisure, physical exercise and sport, social
reproduction, pedagogy, philosophy of science, power and knowledge,



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